Berrifield Dressage Facilities

Olympic Sized Arena

Olympic sized arena at Berrifield Dressage

Berrifield Dressage facilities are definitely state of the art, inlcuding an Olympic sized, Martin Collins arena with an Ecotrack surface. This is the same surface used at top class events and competitions. This surface provides a very secure footing for the horse in all weathers and therefore the horse perform more confidently. For riders training for competition, it also means both rider and horse gain experience of the surface on which they will compete.


Berrifield Dressage stables

We have surperb Scotts stables (well known throughout the equestrian world for high quality and comfort) arranged in two blocks around a quiet yard. The boxes have full rubber matting, our tack room is heated and we provide hot water & tea/coffee for clients. Great facilites for clients who wish to stable their horses overnight while training, or for short-term livery to prepare for a competition

Mirrors & Video Training

20 metres of mirrors at the Berrifield arena to help riders correct their technique

Right across one end of the arena we have 20 metres of mirrors so that riders are able to watch themselves and their horse as they ride to understand where improvements could be made. We supplement this with videoed training sessions to provide further visual feedback to help the rider.